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Presentations / Interactive Sessions


To provide key healthy lifestyle, cancer prevention and early detection messages ensuring a meaningful and empowering approach.

Presentations can cover individual cancers or lifestyle topics or can give a comprehensive overview of all the key messages.

Cancer Prevention sessions:

  • Living Health – covering key healthy lifestyle and cancer prevention messages
  • Man to Man – know your body, key cancer prevention messages with focus on prostate and testicular cancer

Cancer Specific Sessions:

  • Bowel Cancer – Health through nutrition and exercise
  • Skin cancer – Mole Watch

Risk specific sessions:

  • How to stop smoking
  • Physical Activity for Health
  • Eating for health
  • Sun and Skin

Health awareness sessions are interactive and use of an extensive range of health tools and models, e.g. Carbon Monoxide monitor, skin scanner, body composition scales, BMI equipment etc. The option for use of interactive equipment will depend on group numbers, larger groups limit access.

Group Numbers

Minimum 6 and maximum 50 participants - discuss with facilitator.