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Project Summary


The ManAlive Project aims to improve the physical and mental health of disadvantaged men living in one of the most deprived rural areas in Northern Ireland.


  1. Health checks provided in the ManAlive mobile unit and in local community venues
  2. Health awareness sessions covering a range of lifestyle and cancer risk factors and issues, tailored to recipients and delivered in local venues
  3. Self-development courses using innovative life coaching approaches to support self esteem and positive mental health
  4. Working with local retailers disseminating cancer prevention messages, and practical information on how best to encourage customers to make simple healthy lifestyle changes.
  5. Networking information sharing events for community development and health and wellbeing colleagues facilitating insight into the physical and mental health profile and discussion on best practice to improve the health of men living in local areas
  6. Volunteering training and involving men from local communities in supporting the delivery and promotion of ManAlive programmes.

The ManAlive Project was initiated in August 2010 and is funded by the Big Lottery for a 3 year period.



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