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  1. Health checks provided to men in local community venues or in The Man Van, mobile unit.
  2. Health awareness sessions covering a range of lifestyle and cancer risk factors and issues, tailored to recipients and delivered in local venues
  3. Self-development courses using innovative life coaching approaches to support self esteem and positive mental health.
  4. Work with local retailers to disseminate cancer prevention messages and practical information on how best to encourage customers to make simple healthy lifestyle changes
  5. Networking annual events - annual information sharing events for community and healthcare colleagues facilitating insight into the physical and mental health profile and discussion on best practice to improve the health of men living in local areas
  6. Volunteer training - involving men from local communities in supporting the delivery and promotion of the ManAlive programmes and maintaining health on the community agenda


Service Quality

ManAlive staff are trained and experienced in the delivery of a wide range of information sessions focusing on lifestyles for health, prevention of ill health, early detection of disease and supporting positive mental health.

Our training and consultancy service is designed to offer a proactive approach to health improvement which empowers individuals to feel in control of their own health and place health as a priority on their agenda.

ManAlive information and awareness sessions focus on key lifestyle factors highlighting the potential benefits to both health and quality of life

Early detection of illness is highlighted in our programmes.  Our information and advice on this topic is designed and presented in a way that reduces stigma, whilst also empowering individuals to be aware of their own bodies and have the confidence to seek a medical opinion should they experience any potential symptoms.

Evidence based work

ManAlive lifestyle and prevention initiatives are based on up to date, high quality research.  All programmes are evaluated and the findings are used to further develop and improve practice ensuring that HMM meets highest quality standards.